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The Most Informative Podcasts for Long-Term Investors in 2021

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There is no shortage of information out there for investors and certainly no shortage of podcasts, but only so much time in the day. Below we recommend our favorite podcasts oriented towards stock market investors with more of a long-term view.

We will keep this list updated as new podcasts make their way on to our investing radar. To find any of the below programs simply enter the names of the show in your podcast provider of choice such as Spotify or Apple’s iTunes.

Bloomberg Surveillance

Bloomberg Surveillance, the early morning show simulcast on Bloomberg TV and Bloomberg Radio, is a great way to start your day on informed footing. If you don’t want to wake up early to catch it live, the good news is the program also releases a widely available podcast that features the best interviews and highlights from the program.

The show’s host, Tom Keene, is a fountain of economics and markets knowledge, never afraid to drop a reference to decades’ past. He has an entertaining and lively hosting style and isn’t afraid to humorously challenge a guest he disagrees with. And the guests themselves? They range from top-tier investment bank strategists, newsmaking Fortune 500 CEOs, world leaders and academic experts. You get a little bit of everything from this program and you will come away smarter for it.

In terms of investment angles, Surveillance covers not only headline making news, but also deep dives across asset classes: stocks, treasuries, high-yield bonds, currencies, emerging markets and more. The best part of the show is the wide range of perspectives on all different types of investments from top market professionals from across the globe.


Wealthtrack is PBS’ legacy investing program hosted by Consuelo Mack, geared towards long-term investors, particularly those who invest in mutual funds. The program regularly features leading fund managers and chief investment officers (CIOs) to discuss their outlooks on the markets and how they are positioning their funds as a result.

When you want to step away from the short-term focused news sources such as CNBC and Reddit, Wealthtrack is a great weekly dose of reinforcement to stick to your long-term investing principles. The show drops over the weekend which is an ideal time to digest this type of thoughtful content.

Masters in Business

Barry Ritholtz is a man of many talents. He is a registered investment advisor offering financial planning and investment advice to real-life clients, which means he has real skin in the game. He also has a popular blog called The Big Picture where he links to useful investment resources. Many of his colleagues at Ritholtz Wealth Management have developed popular blogs and podcasts of their own. We also recommend checking out Animal Voices and The Compound Show, two other podcasts hosted by Barry’s colleagues that cover similar ground.

In addition to all of that Barry is a regular contributor to both CNBC and Bloomberg, the latter of which hosts his podcast Masters in Business.

In contrast to Bloomberg Surveillance, Masters in Business is a long-form program focused on one deep-dive interview with a notable personality in business or the markets. The interviews range from 45 minutes to over an hour and are guided by Barry’s informative and fund interview style.

Recent guests on Masters in Business have included Ben Inker, head of asset allocation at GMO, legendary mutual fund manager Ron Baron and high-profile hedge fund manager Ray Dalio. If you want a better understanding of what truly makes the most notable figures in financial markets and related businesses tick, then Masters in Business is a must-weekly appointment.


Like Barry Ritholtz, the host of Macrovoices is a real practitioner. In this case, Erik Townsend is an active hedge fund manager. Macrovoices is great for a number of reasons. The hosts provide a run down of what is going on in most major asset classes and also provide their outlook on topics like inflation and how they are adjusting their portfolios as a result.

The best part of the show however is the top-tier guests they have on a weekly basis, ranging from Jim Bianco to Kyle Bass and David Rosenberg. Listening to the interviews between two active market participants gives you a range of complexity and a deeper dive than you get with typical interviews on mainstream financial media programs.

When you’re ready to elevate your knowledge of the interplay between macroeconomic forces and how they translate into investable themes, Macrovoices is a great learning resource.

Wall Street Unplugged

Frank Curzio is one of the “OGs” of financial markets podcasting, dating back to his time at Stansberry Research and The Street. As a result, his contact book is thick and his markets knowledge, following in the footsteps of his father who was also a markets newsletter writer, is extremely deep.

Frank tends to focus on individual stock ideas on his weekly podcast Wall Street Unplugged. He is mostly a fundamental investor who looks for catalysts for stocks that will outperform the market, typically over a 1-2 year period. He also covers the headline news hitting the markets as well as other asset classes like crypto and commodities. Frank excels at taking a deeper look at the mainstream financial news headlines to explain the deeper issues to his audience…and he is never afraid to call out bad takes he sees on CNBC!

While the guests on his show are great and range from fellow podcast host and market strategist Andrew Horowitz, to CEOs of recommended stocks, we mostly listen to his show for Frank himself. He cares about giving good information to his audience, has a great sense of humor and wears his heart on his sleeve. You may not agree with all of his calls, but he shows his work and helps you understand how to evaluate individual companies.

If you get as much value from Frank as we do, consider subscribing to one his newsletters, which gives you access to a second members-only podcast where takes questions from his subscribers about markets, sports and anything else on their minds.

The above list represents our current favorite podcasts for long-term oriented investors. Check back for updates and new additions.

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