Best stock market email newsletters

The Best Free Stock Market Email Newsletters

News consumption in 2021 increasingly takes place in the email inbox. Mainstream news sources and independent publishers alike on platforms such as Substack have realized email subscribers are engaged readers and many prefer the convenience of daily emails with summaries of the major events they need to stay on top.

Below we provide our top recommendations on the best email newsletters to stay on top of the stock market. There are many more quality email newsletters than can make our list—but these are our favorites and all of them are free to subscribe to.

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Abnormal Returns

Abnormal Returns is a phenomenal and consistent curation of investing and markets related links. Tadas Viskanta, Director of Investor Education at Ritholtz Wealth Management, has been curating the best of the finance blogosphere. The email comes out seven days per week and is more focused on stock market, trading, crypto, investing and wealth management news during the week and expands to topics ranging from autos to mental health on the weekend. If you only subscribe to one markets-related newsletter, we would pick Abnormal Returns as it links to so many other quality blogs and news sources.

Stocktwits Daily Rip

Stocktwits Daily Rip newsletter is by far the funniest, sleekest and enjoyable evening read that recaps the major market moves and singles out a few individual stock and sector stories. This newsletter is definitely focused on Millennial investors and younger and tends to focus on hyped up names with tongue-in-cheek memes and always a good dose of humor. The newsletter really shines for its weekend editions, which features top 25 rankings of the best stocks in every major index, as well as earnings previews of key stocks to get you ready for the week.

Bloomberg Money Stuff

At the other end of the spectrum from Stocktwits, and often quite funny in its own right, is Bloomberg Money Stuff, authored by Matt Levine. The newsletter comes out most weekdays and is an extensive look at the world of higher-brow finance issues, deep dives on headline making news and various absurdities of Wall Street and white-collar crime. Topics range from GameStop stock, bitcoin, Elon Musk tweets, various Goldman Sachs intrigues (where Levine formerly worked) and regular analysis of systemic risks in the asset management industry.

Dealbook by The New York Times

Andrew Ross Sorkin and his team of Dealbook writers curate the latest news from Wall Street, Private Equity and corporate finance. In addition to being a good source of curated global finance news, Dealbook often scores exclusive interviews with CEOs and other key movers and shakers on Wall Street. The Dealbook newsletter has the power of the New York Time’s resources and reporting staff behind it which makes it a useful and robust newsletter to keep up on all things finance and business.

Bloomberg Points of Return

Another Bloomberg newsletter that comes out most weekdays, Points of Return is written by John Authers and focuses on big picture investment themes and pressing topics to investors. Authers has deep fluency in global investing and is as comfort discussing FAANG stocks as he is the Japanese Yen and emerging markets. It’s a great resource for understanding how global markets work together and a nice complement to stock-focused newsletters from the likes of Stocktwits.

There you have our favorite free email newsletters to keep you on top of the markets.

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