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The Best Dividend Podcasts in 2022

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Quick summary: Dividend investing is a popular investment style that is appealing to a larger base of investors than ever before. Below we highlight our favorite dividend podcasts that cover a variety of different strategies.

Introduction: The Best Dividend Podcasts

Dividend investing appears to be growing in popularity and as a result it’s no surprise that dividend podcasts are also growing in number. We round up the best dividend podcasts below and why we love them.

Dividend investing used to have a stodgy reputation mainly thought to appeal to retired investors seeking a steady flow of income from their stocks. While many dividend stocks still fit that mold such as utilities, tobacco companies and banks, a growing number of stocks now offer dividend yields. Technology stocks such as Microsoft and Apple, as well as a variety of international stocks, now offer growing dividend yields.

Dividend investing is also appealing to a wider variety of investors, including younger investors, than ever before. While some dividend investors focus on high yields, other adherents focus on dividend growth, a strategy that seeks to capture a consistent rise in the dividend that a company pays out over time. A dividend growth strategy also enlarges the universe of available companies to investors, as many newer companies, including those in the tech sector, initiate a small dividend with the intention of growing their payouts over time.

The podcasts below focus primarily on dividend investing and range from discussions of individual companies, those with high dividend yields, dividend growth strategies, as well as broader stock market discussions.

Here are the best dividend podcasts helping investors learn this space in 2022:

The Dividend Guy Blog Podcast

As a long time stock market investor, including years working as a certified financial planner, The Dividend Guy Blog Podcast host Mike Heroux is an ideal guide for investors seeking more knowledge on a dividend focused approach. Mike has been fully invested in stocks since 2003 and 100% focused on dividend growth in his personal portfolio since 2010.

Despite being focused on a specific type of dividend investing (dividend growth) the show is actually much broader in the topics it touches on, ranging from behavioral finance, strategies for younger investors and overall discussion of the stock market. Beyond the big picture topics, Mike is not afraid to talk specific stocks and offers his favorite dividend stock picks at the beginning of the year, as well as diving deep into specific dividend sectors, including recent episodes on Canadian REIT stocks and EV dividend stocks.

Even if you’re not intending to become a 100% dividend-focused investor like Mike, his podcast is a great source for market information in general and how to stay the course with your investment strategy.

Recommended episode: Top 5 US Dividend Stocks to Hold Forever

Dividend Talk

While The Dividend Guy Blog covers mostly North America related dividend growth topics, Dividend Talk is a podcast by two European dividend growth enthusiasts and as a result is a good way to get insight into the many European companies that offer attractive dividends, while also getting the hosts’ insights on mainstay US dividend stocks.

Like The Dividend Guy (who has also been a guest on Dividend Talk), the hosts here are not afraid of discussing individual stocks and their buy or sell opinions on the companies, especially based on the safety of the dividend. The show often covers the latest earnings reports from both major US and European dividend payers and also provides more philosophical discussions of broader market behavior.

The show also has an active guest roster which is a good way to learn about additional perspectives on dividend growth investing.

Recommended episode: All About Dividend Safety

Dapper Dividends

We like the Dapper Dividends podcast because the host, Russ Knopf represents the armchair, self-educated investor who is now sharing his knowledge with a broader audience. His episodes are entertaining and often will tackle more engaging topics of interest to any investor.

Like the above podcasts, Dapper Dividends has many episodes on dividend growth, but also isn’t afraid to examine high-yield dividend stocks, as well. In fact there are regular episodes on Russ’ favorite picks for both dividend growth and high yield stocks.

Recommended episode: 10 Dividend Tips & Tricks for Investors

The Dividend Mailbox

The Dividend Mailbox is the newest of the podcasts profiled here, starting in late 2021, but we already like the approach focused on sustainable dividend investing and identifying US Blue Chips that will compound their dividends over time. In the short period that this podcast has been around, host Greg Denewiler has featured episodes on the philosophy of dividend investing, debunked common misconceptions about the strategy and offered some intelligent stock discussions on dividend heavyweights Chevron and Clorox.

Recommended episode: You Don’t Sacrifice Anything for Dividend Growth

While there are many other good dividend podcasts available, we found some others in this category not quite as purely focused on dividend investing as the above podcasts listed here. We are always on the lookout for great new content and will keep this article updated with new additions as necessary.

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